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1995 - foundation of Windel Textile Far East PTE LTD based in Singapore
- subsidiary of a German textile finishing company and business successor to the company’s purchasing office that had existed in Singapore since 1982

1998 - first office in China for monitoring the finishing-process in Zhengzhou, Henan

2000 - moving to Nantong, Jiangsu (expansion: purchase, quality assurance, …)

2001 - W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH , based in Bielefeld, acts as the holding company now

2003 - MBO (management-buy-out) by Jens Hermsmeier

Following the takeover, WTFE was reorganised:

From that time on the sales and marketing departments are managed from the offices in Bielefeld and Singapore. The company’s clients, who are based all over the world, are thus provided with a prompt, optimised service. With the help of our logistics partners, WTFE delivers your orders to you at the right time FOB, CIF port of entry or even ‘carriage paid’ in Europe. Purchasing, development and quality control are based in the office in China.

2006 - moving from Nantong to Zhangjiagang (upgrading the technical laboratory)

2009 - certification: DIN EN ISO 13485 and 9001 (scopes: „development, production and distribution…“)

2011 - foundation of W.T. Zhangjiagang Company Limited
- business successor to the earlier representative office

2014 - moving of W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH
- moving from Bielefeld to Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock (new administrative building connected with a warehouse)

2014 - Ping Wan Branch: expansion of a manufacturing hall / warehouse
- new equipment: calender, cutting devices, fabric reeling- and screening machines

2015 - foundation of Postertex GmbH
- large-size digital printing at functional textiles and films
- uses: fair construction, interior design and advertising

For more details visit https://www.postertex.de or have a look at our advertising spot.