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Quality management

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We are a multicultural team with a keen eye for detail.

Ensuring quality is our number one priority.
Experienced specialists under German management oversee every production process at our partner operations – from the yarn all the way to loading into the container!

Prior to shipping, all goods are checked in our own technical laboratory. They are dispatched only when all tests confirm that the goods conform to their specification.

Amongst many others, our standard tests include:

- EN ISO 13934-1 Tensile strength / Elongation at break
- DIN ISO 53997 Air permeability
- DIN 53362 Flexural rigidity (Cantilever Method)
- DIN ISO 13937 Tearing resistence (Elmendorf Method)

We also regularly check the conformity of our products with REACH, NPEO and for heavy metals.

Our multilingual, well-trained team knows our clients’ needs and requirements well: We take heed of the intricate details, legal provisions and cultural differences in order to transform them into a competitive edge for you.