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WTFE is your expert and development partner for producing textile greige-, half-done- and finished materials.
We offer solutions for your requirements - with nonwoven, knitted and woven fabrics (substrates) and even glass fibre. All production is done in China exclusively at selected partner businesses, with whom the company has worked together for many years. Experienced specialists under German management oversee every production process at our partner operations. Prior to shipping, all goods are checked in our own technical laboratory.

Are you looking for a qualified and reliable partner for your textiles?
Feel free to contact us!

Our Productrange


Textile substrates for production of plaster and bandage material (fabric and nonwoven).


Textile substrates webs / nonwovens for adhesive tapes, vehicle interior covers and wire harness coverings (Wiretapes).


Textile substrates for adhesive tapes.
Coated and laminated articles for engineering and other applications.


Blackout and Dimout fabrics.
Leather imitations.


Tarpaulins and textiles for underground fastenings.


Road and landscaping.

OnePostertex is an innovative and complete product of WTFE.

Postertex GmbH is your partner for digital printing, lettering and design.
More information: postertex.de

from your idea to the finished product

Do you have a defined requirement? We show you solutions!
In addition to our textile standard products, we also like to develop exclusively for you. Here we use the diverse pool of asia textile possibilities. From your idea to the finished product, we support you with well-founded know-how and extensive experience.

This means:

- We check the realizability for the on-site implementation.
- We inform you immediately about the next steps and the necessary time frame.
- We have the capacity to expand our product range to include your specific requirements.
- We test your product acording to your requirements.
- We record every single result and create test reports.
- We deliver your product to all places - where you need it.

Benefit from many years of professional experience! WTFE is your development partner for textiles.

Contact person

Jens Hermsmeier

Managing Director

Günther Fredrich

Technical Director / GM WT Zjg

Axel Merz

Sales Manager

Contact & Inquiries


quality management

We are an international team.
Ensuring quality is our top priority. Trained experts monitor every production process in our cooperative operations - from the yarn up to the loading in the container. In our own technical laboratory, we check every product before shipment. Delivery will only be made if the goods meet their specification.

Our standard tests include:
- EN ISO 13934-1 Tensile strength / Elongation at break
- DIN ISO 9237 Air permeability
- DIN 53362 Flexural rigidity (Cantilever Method)
- DIN ISO 13937 Tearing resistence (Elmendorf Method)

Our multilingual, well-trained team knows our clients needs and requirements well: We take heed of the intricate details, legal provisions and cultural differences in order to transform them into a competitive edge for you.


1995: Founding of Windel Textile Far East PTE LTD based in Singapore
Subsidiary of a German textile finishing company and business successor to the company’s purchasing office that had existed in Singapore since 1982

1998: First office in China for monitoring the finishing-process in Zhengzhou, Henan
2000: Moving to Nantong, Jiangsu (expansion: purchase, quality assurance, …).
2001: W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH , based in Bielefeld, acts as the holding company now
2003: MBO (management-buy-out) by Jens Hermsmeier.
Following the takeover, WTFE was reorganised: From that time on the sales and marketing departments are managed from the offices in Bielefeld and Singapore. The company’s clients, who are based all over the world, are thus provided with a prompt, optimised service. With the help of our logistics partners, WTFE delivers your orders to you at the right time FOB, CIF port of entry or even ‘carriage paid’ in Europe. Purchasing, development and quality control are based in the office in China.
2006: Moving from Nantong to Zhangjiagang (upgrading the technical laboratory).
2009: Certification: DIN EN ISO 13485 and 9001 (scopes: „development, production and distribution…“).
2011: Founding of W.T. Zhangjiagang Company Limited.
Business successor to the earlier representative office.
2014: Moving of W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH.
Moving from Bielefeld to Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock (new administrative building connected with a warehouse).
2014: Ping Wan Branch: expansion of a manufacturing hall / warehouse.
New equipment: calender, cutting devices, fabric reeling- and screening machines.
2015: Founding of Postertex GmbH.
Large-format digital printing on functional textiles and various film carriers, as well as design of print products and labeling of windows and vehicles. More information under: www.postertex.de or in the following film: Postertex Imagevideo (YouTube).
2018/19: We are committed to sustainability
We are a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
In addition, we offer textiles made of recycled polyester or polyamide yarns and bamboo fabrics.

Sustainability concerns us all

We are member of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to support the sustainable cultivation of cotton.

Regularly we check the conformity of our goods according to REACH, NPEO or heavy metals. We attach great importance to the selection of our cooperation partners, who are already majority certified in accordance with environmental management system ISO 14001.

For the sustainable production of textiles, we also like to offer you fabrics made of recycled polyester or polyamide yarns. Furthermore, we offer bamboo fabrics.

Our certificates

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
Development, production and sales of basematerial for coating for industrial and medical purposes.

DIN EN ISO / EN ISO 13485 : 2016
Development, manufacturing and distribution of backing material for plasters, tapes and non-sterile drapes for medical purposes.

We will gladly send you our certificates - please contact us.


15/05/19 - Press report

"Mit mehr als 33.000 Besuchern aus 104 Ländern und 1400 Ausstellern ist die Techtextil die führende Messe für Technische Textilien. WTFE mit mehr als 100 Millionen Meter Erfahrung ist Spezialanbieter für Beschichtungsträger der Med-Tech- und Mobil-Tech-Bereiche."

You can find the complete article here: www.westfalen-blatt.de


At present the WTFE-Team is complete.
But we are always interested in general applications. Please send your complete application credentials (including salary expectation) to:

W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH
Mr. Jens Hermsmeier
Otto-Hahn-Str. 2
33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

Mail: ed.eftw@rh


W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 2
33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

Phone: (+49) 5207 99 37 10
Fax: (+49) 5207 99 37 119

Mail: ed.eftw@litxet


W.T.F.E Private Limited
25 International Business Park
Unit 04-64 German Centre
Singapore 609916

Phone: (+65) 65 62 87 02
Fax: (+65) 65 62 87 03

Mail: ed.eftw@litxet


W.T. Zhangjiagang Company Limited
Unit 8601 Chenlong Building
Jingang Road, Zhangjiagang City, PC.215600
Jiangsu Province
Peoples Republic of CHINA

Phone: (+86) 0512 5827 23 38/9
Fax: (+86) 0512 5827 23 37

Mail: ed.eftw@litxet


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